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Green bank earmarks substantial funding to help vulnerable groups through lockdown

Green bank earmarks substantial funding to help vulnerable groups through lockdown

A N$1 million donation by another bank to bolster the fight against Corona was this week described as an act of patriotism by a senior government official.

“In this light, Nedbank Namibia’s donation is an act of patriotism. Undoubtedly, this donation will assist the government’s efforts to set up and equip temporary medical facilities and procure additional personal protective equipment for health workers,” said I-Ben Nashandi, the Executive Director in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Nedbank’s acting Managing Director, Richard Meeks said his bank has always been on a continued drive to build a better society and support individuals, families and communities who are vulnerable, at risk, or less fortunate. “COVID-19 has amplified our commitment and resolve in this respect,” he added.

“Given the unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in as a country, it is imperative that we act swiftly to support our communities in any way that we can, particularly considering the impact of the pandemic on those who may have limited means,” he said.

Nashandi reiterated the government’s commitment to stay firmly focused on mitigating the challenges caused by COVID-19, calling on all citizens to comply with measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Alluding to more social support from his bank, Meeks stated “As a responsible corporate citizen, Nedbank Namibia has always had the protection of our country’s pristine natural beauty and heritage at heart, and we will certainly be looking at ways to support communities that have been deriving income and livelihoods from tourism.”

Caption: Filling some very large shoes, Nedbank’s acting Managing Director, Richard Meeks.


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