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Hochfeld auction

The Hochfeld Combined Winter Production auction on 20 June at the Agra/Bank Windhoek Ring  showed that breeders are willing to pay for good quality breeding material.
The Hochfeld group of breeders consists of Ebbi and Heide Fischer of Wokuma Brahmans; Kaspar and Stefanie Günzel of Makalani Brahmans and Günzel Simmentaler, Loraine van Heerden of Lorden Brahman and Horsti and Renate Riedel from Hauk Simmentaler.
Forty two female animals were sold for an average N$12,000, with the highest price of N$31,000 paid by Willem Groenewald for a Brahman cow of Ebbi Fischer.
Three Simmentaler bulls were sold for an average N$33,333 with the highest of N$54,000 for a bull from Günzel Simmentaler, sold to Dirk Kaizer. The Brahman bull fetching the highest price was bought by Michael Seefeldt for N$60,000, with a total of 8 Brahman bulls selling for an average N$35,125. A total of 53 animals were sold.

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