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Rössing sponsors oxygen plant for Walvis isolation facility

Rössing sponsors oxygen plant for Walvis isolation facility

CNUC Rössing Uranium bought an oxygen generator plant specifically for the COVID-19 isolation facility that is currently under construction in Walvis Bay. The plant’s capacity is sufficient to supply oxygen to between 75 and 80 people. The facility will be able to house 150 people.

The Rössing Managing Director, Johan Coetzee said once the isolation facility has served its purpose, the oxygen generator plant can be dismantled and re-erected at any state medical facility. The N$4.5 million plant is containerised and can be moved relatively easy.

“It is still unknown if Namibia will have large numbers of COVID-19 patients that will require oxygen as part of their treatment, but it is best to be prepared and have the necessary treatment facilities in place should we need it,” Coetzee said on Wednesday during an on-site ceremony where the plant was symbolically presented to the Erongo Governor.

Coetzee said the plant is donated with full support of Rössing’s majority shareholder, China National Uranium Corporation, and the Rössing board.

“Rössing Uranium sees this oxygen generator plant as an extension of our work in further reducing the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our coastal community,” he said.

“Many of our 1000 permanent employees and about 1000 contractor employees and their families are part of the coastal community, and as a responsible mining operation it is our duty to support government and private sector initiatives especially when it comes to the health, safety and wellbeing of our coastal community,” he concluded.


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