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Cybercrime expected to rise as COVID-19 outbreak continues – expert

Cybercrime expected to rise as COVID-19 outbreak continues – expert

Namibia has not been spared from the wrath of cybercriminals taking advantage of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, an expert said this week.

As the world, including Namibia in lockdown and millions working from home, increased risk from opportunistic criminals has risen, said Bank Windhoek’s Manager of Forensic Services, Johnny Truter.

Currently, the ransomware appears to be spreading primarily via emails – often falsely claiming to contain vital information regarding COVID-19 from a government agency, which encourages the recipient to click on an infected link or download an attachment.

Truter said the reason is that organisational cybersecurity may have become less secure to allow access to employees working from home and the same situation is now happening in Namibia.

“Bank Windhoek customers have already reported several calls by fraudsters using COVID-19 as a way to frighten them into providing account and card numbers, followed with a request for the Personal Identification Number to protect the customer from deceitful card transactions,” he said.

According to Truter, industry experts have indicated that cybercrime, including payment frauds which are relevant to Bank Windhoek like card payments, EasyWallet transfers, and Proof-Of-Payment scams, is expected to increase.

“In response to this growing danger, Bank Windhoek has put various security measures in place and continues to encourage its staff and customers to remain vigilant during these unprecedented times,” he said.


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