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Film Review – Spud 2 The Madness continues

Director: Donovan Marsh
Screenplay: Donovan Marsh
Cast: John Cleese, Jason Cope, Troye Sivan
Genre: Comedy
Rating: ***
Venue: Ster Kinekor Maerua Mall Cine 4

In the sequel to Spud our young lad is not so young anymore despite Spud Milton’s (Troye Sivan) long walk to manhood is still creeping along at an unnervingly slow pace. We go back to 1991 where Spud is fifteen and is anxious because he still hasn’t matured as boys his age should. An additional year on, his life proves to be nothing but a disappointment as his parents and grandmother are only there to add nothing else to his life but more embarrassment.

Once again we are taken on the adventures of our young friend as he returns to boarding school where he is no longer the youngest or the smallest. He joins his dormitory mates known as the Crazy Eight who now have a loony member and finds out that he and his fellow second years have a new group of first years who call themselves the Normal Seven to look out for.
One thing that this movie has taught me is that you are never too old to relive high school and that much as high school seems like a breeze for most people it is a time when we get in to the most mischief and have the worst luck. This is all proven when Spud experiences women trouble and  something that a normal fifteen year old boy would not even think of, a breast cancer scare. He lands in trouble when he is forced into misguided midnight adventures and drinking. Things do not get any better for Spud and the Crazy Eights as they are faced with a war against Spare Rib (Jason Cope) and his prefects who have made it their mission to get the young lads expelled.
What is so nice about this movie is that it has not shifted from the previous Spud movie. It is still as quirky, and entertaining as the first installment on the adventures of the school boy. Indeed the madness continues with his mates and boarding master Spare Rib and the ever so pleasant John Cleese who plays English teacher (The Guv). John Cleese delivers the usual comic relief and is great as The Guv. Nobody else ould have played that role any better.
It appeals to everyone, from young to the old and the young at heart. Join Spud as he tries to save his acting career and the gang. Great acting, a lot of life lessons and lots of humour to leave you gasping for air. This one left me in stitches and I can guarantee that it will leave you the same way too. Bitter sweet humour, and a great soundtrack make Spud 2 The Madness Continues a must on this year’s watch list. There is nothing like it, the film is simply brilliant.


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