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Combatting COVID-19 and improving access to healthcare through telemedicine and e-health solutions

Combatting COVID-19 and improving access to healthcare through telemedicine and e-health solutions

By Kehad Snydewel

MD Green Enterprise Solutions.

As the lockdown starts to take its toll, we are comforted by the fact that we are doing this for our collective health and to minimise the threat and spread of the COVID-19.

COVID19 has us all in its grip and is making us all reassess the very fabric of our everyday life. As different countries have experienced different rates of infections, deaths and self-isolation, one thing has become clear.

The over-burdening of healthcare workers, hospitals and the whole infrastructure that is the medical sector cannot sustain this COVID19 onslaught for much longer. How, then will people, governments, institutions and countries cope? One solution is to start leveraging technology where possible in the healthcare space. Especially with the need for quarantine, self-isolation and social distancing, e-health applications and implementation becomes key. Not just to stop infections, but think of all the people stuck at home who have other ailments or need to see their medical professionals.

Key areas where technology can assist in the fight against COVID19;

Create an online platform where users can connect to their doctors to conduct remote video or telephone consultations, thereby engaging in the social distancing and self-solation practises and cutting down on unnecessary travel to your doctor or hospital and minimising exposure.

Making tools available and accessible that allow healthcare providers to digitally communicate with patients through video conferences, community engagement tools, online bookings and online form. This can be the first online engagement between patients and healthcare providers This will screen patients prior to consultation or even as part of the consultation.

GP’s and their patients can access the video conferencing applications via their computer, tablet or phone app. The appointment is set up and scheduled in the same way as a face-to-face consultation, with an allocated time slot and active link to join the consultation. Once all parties have joined the video conference, they can see and hear each other through the microphone and camera on their devices. We already do this in our personal lives through FaceTime or Whatsapp for example, through a secure and safe connection, the healthcare sector can significantly unburden their resources by doing the same.

The technology is there and Namibian hospitals and doctors can be set up to use it at short notice.

This can also be the basis of creating secure electronic medical records for patients to also track diagnose and treatments. Allowing doctors, specialists and hospitals to exchange medical information securely, privately and within a matter of seconds across the country.

This platform can also communicate important and reliable information to patients to get rid of all the fake news. Through dedicated apps inform patients and bring real and up to date information to them when they need it most.

Roll out online COVID-19 patient pre-appointment screening platform for practices and health facilities across the country. These practices will be able to refer the patient to the facilities equipped to deal with coronavirus, so they can serve directly online those patients that may be at risk or refuse online booking requiring the patient to call the practice

Privacy and confidentiality of patient information is key and the remote consultations must sill avoid patient identity being exposed. With the right firewalls, secure networks and cloud-enabled storage, the healthcare sector can and be transformed to become more efficient.

It is essential that we embrace technology in the healthcare sector. Not only for efficiency, but also to protect the vital, valuable and heroic healthcare workers. Less direct contact means less exposure. Namibia is investing heavily into healthcare and hospitals, e-health should be a major part of this investment and upgrading drive. It is the only way in which the COVID19 virus can be challenged an Namibia’s medical sector can be future-ready.

In the meantime it is still important to adhere to all the advice given and to listen to government when it comes to precautions to take against COVID19.

Stay safe Namibia.

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