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Mokuti staff visit Oshivello gate with food and drink for soldiers, policemen, medical staff and community

Mokuti staff visit Oshivello gate with food and drink for soldiers, policemen, medical staff and community

Having very little to do, the staff at Mokuti Lodge took it upon themselves over the weekend to visit the policemen and soldiers stationed at Oshivello, to treat them with some good fare from the lodge’s kitchen.

Mokuti, named after the ubiquitous Shepherd’s Tree, is the upmarket lodge in the Ohlthaver & List Leisure stable, only a stonethrow away from Etosha and about 30 km from Oshivello. The latter is a relatively isolated settlement which only serves as a veterinary checkpoint to monitor traffic between the North and the rest of Namibia.

Mokuti’s F&B Manager, Jesaya Ickua said “We decided on this initiative as our contribution to make a positive impact during a time of uncertainty and anxiety as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in our country.”

“We visited the Oshivelo police station, as well as the Namibia Defence Force task force who are working tirelessly to keep residents off the streets, dispersing gatherings and ensuring that all rules and regulations as per the guidelines of the lockdown are adhered to,” said Ickua.

The Mokuti staff treated the uniformed men and women with cooldrinks, soup, fresh brötchens and fruit. They then visited the clinic to treat the medical staff in the same way. “These are our true heroes at the forefront of the COVID-19 war,” Ickua remarked.

Not forgetting the Oshivello community, the Mokuti crew also visited the location where many vulnerable people reside. Going from door to door, more than a hundred meals were served, especially to the children and the infirm.

During these visits, Ickua assured that all necessary prevention was adhered to, using hand sanitiser before and after serving every meal.

“Now more than ever we need to stand together as members of our communities, and support in whatever way we can to help fight this pandemic. After all, the victory will be for us all,” Ickua concluded.


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