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Continent’s best PR output shines at 2020 SABRE awards Africa

Continent’s best PR output shines at 2020 SABRE awards Africa

African spin doctors, Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW) won four Gold awards and five Certificates of Excellence at the recent 2020 SABRE awards Africa. This was the fourth time the awards included African communications companies. More than 150 entries were received.

In Namibia, BCW is affiliated to Parrot Communications under the leadership of the well-known communications practitioner, Gys Reitz.

Chairman and Chief Executive of BCW Africa, Robyn de Villiers said “It is at times like these that recognition is all the more important. I want to thank our teams for their hard work and dedication to our people, to our business and importantly to our clients. I also want to take this opportunity to recognise the clients we work for, whose trust in us and partnerships with us allow us to do such great work that gets recognised by the industry. We are very pleased to share these honours with our clients.”

The African SABRE Awards are organised by Provoke (previously known as The Holmes Report) as part of its global SABRE programme which goes back 30 years. The awards recognises the best public relations campaigns from practitioners across the world.

BCW was awarded for its work in north Africa, Kenya, Mauritius and South Africa.

In response to Covid-19, BCW Africa launched the social media campaign, #StayINReachOUT, asking every person to identify a personal circle of contacts and reach out to them regularly, while most have to stay at home.


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