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Namibia Youth for Development offers great opportunities for graduates

Patric Mupupula (Youth Relations Officer), Dorothy Kuthedze, Alina Amkongo and Linea Hanghome.

Patric Mupupula (Youth Relations Officer), Dorothy Kuthedze, Alina Amkongo and Linea Hanghome.

The Namibia Youth for Development (NYD) celebrated a milestone earlier this week when its  members entered into an agreement with Evatelo’s in which NYD members will develop Evatelo CC’s employee job descriptions & code of conduct.
The members who participated in the project are; Linea N. Hanghome, Dorothy Kuthedze and Alina Amkongo. Linea, one of the participants and an HR degree holder thanked the Namibia Youth for Development for the wonderful opportunity presented to her. “This project played a great impact in terms of gaining the much needed experience in the practical completion of Human Resources (HR) duties as HR Practitioners,” said Linea.
The partnering organisation Evatelo CC was very satisfied with the outcomes of the project. NYD Youth Relations Officer, Patric Mupupula was very pleased to see young graduates working on a voluntary project. “I was very satisfied with the commitment of graduates in this project. The project created a platform to for the participants to develop their interpersonal skills, to improve their communication skills and most importantly to enhance the team spirit within them,” he said. He continued by saying, “We (the youth) need to empower ourselves with opportunities to develop skills and the understanding of sustainable economic development, as we are the leaders of tomorrow.”
The project was completed in 10 days. Mr. Mupupula said that the youth organisation is trying its best to help graduates gain the necessary experience though it is faced with some challenges. “The main challenge is that NYD does not have enough infrastructure, such as a place (an office) of its own where such projects can be implemented from,” he said. Even though the non-profit organisation is faced with these challenges, they are very motivated and committed to playing their part in decreasing the youth unemployment rate in the country.
The youth organisation will continue working hard to fulfill its mandate. On its way forward, NYD plans to invest more efforts and resources for the upcoming projects, with the aim of reaching their client´s expectations and createing a learning environment for its members.
Namibian Youth for Development is a non-profit voluntary organisation formed by young people of Namibia who discovered the need for a voluntary organisation to help young people to fulfill their goals and objectives through providing them with platforms to gain practical skills and experience for the job market. The group was launched in 2012.
Currently the group has 40 active members and is growing by the day. The majority members of the group are graduates in different fields and are unemployed. The rest are either in their 3rd or final year of their academic studies.

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