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This Week In The Khuta – Local is Lekker

For a young and growing country that Namibia is,we have most of our consumables imported. This is because our economy is too small that it can not produce most of the things that we need to use on a daily basis. But this does not mean that we are not growing in terms of industries. Everyday we see different products that are made in Namibia, in our local supermarkets. But most of us prefer to stick to old products that we are used to, the reason being we do not want to take the risk of trying things because we are not sure of the quality.
Gone are the days when I preferred foreign produced goods over our own products. To me, local products were either of (unproved )low quality or they were less choices to choose from. This was then until I came to learn the importance of buying local products. Not only did I feel the responsibility towards our own economy, but I also felt that, If I dont like our own products, who will? Since then, every time I go to the shop I always look for locally produced goods. I realised that there is always a new locally produced something that I can try out. Not only are local products almost the same, sometimes they are even better than imported goods, they usually have lower prices because long distance transport costs are excluded from local pricing.
When you buy local products, It’s comparable to you supporting your own brother’s business, the profit always comes back to the family. Always try out new local products because grass is not always greener on the other side. Namibia is a developing country and industries are emerging and growing, so do not be afraid to shift from using traditional foreign products to local ones.
By buying local products, we help our own economy to grow through market expansion. By increasing demand for local products we are helping our local producers to compete internationally.  This is very important as it puts our country on the world map.
It is important to always support local producers because at the end of the day, you are doing a great favor to your own country’s economy.
Buy Namibian, Go Namibian

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