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Traditional Authorities in support of government’s stance to combat COVID-19

Traditional Authorities in support of government’s stance to combat COVID-19

The Ovaherero and Ovambanderu Royal Traditional Authorities Chiefs welcome and support measures taken by the government against the COVID-19 outbreak as announced and initiated by the President, Dr. Hage Geingob.

The Chiefs have since urged their subjects and the other people residing in their Traditional Authorities’ areas of jurisdiction to cooperate with government representatives such as health workers, police and other government officials, in making sure that all government directives on fighting the COVID-19 are strictly adhered to and observed.

“As head of our communities, we emphasise to our people that the communication channels and procedures of working with government representatives in our traditional areas of jurisdiction, that have been well established during the last 30 years since the attainment of Namibia independence, must be observed and highly respected as they have served our country and people very well,” they said in a statement

Manasse Christian Zeraeua, Chief of the Zeraeua Royal Traditional Community further said the Traditional Authorities’ Councillors are familiar with the established procedures on working and collaborating with Central and Regional government representatives in the traditional authorised areas of jurisdiction in combating natural calamities and challenges such as the drought etc.

“Therefore, we must employ the same experience in combating the precaution and elimination of the COVID-19 in our areas of jurisdiction,” he added.

According to Zeraeua, the government, as a public policy instrument with jurisdiction, has proven helpful towards Traditional Authorities in addressing the plight of communities in the rural communal areas in matters such as reduction of disputes between communities such as grazing land etc.

“Let us use this important policy to advice people in our traditional areas of jurisdiction to do away with overcrowding and unnecessary movements in order for us to help our government fight the COVID-19 in our country,” he added.


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