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First of its kind N$30 commemorative banknote unveiled

First of its kind N$30 commemorative banknote unveiled

On the 30th independence anniversary, H.E. President Dr. Hage Geingob launched the N$30 commemorative banknote, issued in terms of the Bank of Namibia Act 1997 (Act No.15 of 1997) as amended.

The once off print commemorative banknote is the first of its kind to be issued by the Bank of Namibia, issued to celebrate Namibia’s 30th Independence Anniversary.

According to the central bank, the issuance of commemorative banknotes is a common practice among central banks all over the world, to mark national events deemed significant to a country or to a central bank.

“Since independence, the Bank of Namibia had issued commemorative coins, but this marks the first time, the Bank issues a commemorative banknote,” BoN added.

The central bank said the N$30 commemorative banknote together with the current family of banknotes will be used at the same time, and all banknotes are to be accepted as legal tender in the payment of goods and services. These include the first Namibian banknotes issued in 1993 and the current circulating new family of banknotes issued in 2012.

Caption: Recently sworn in President, Dr. Hage Geingob with his predecessors, Founding father, Sam Nujoma (2ndl) and Hifipunye Pohamba (m), showcase the recently minted N$30in celebration of the 30th Independence anniversary. The note was unveiled at Geingob’s inauguration on Saturday.

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