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Cellphone makes banking on the go easy

Martha Liebenberg (left), a senior citizen and a client of Bank Windhoek in Henties Bay, uses Bank Windhoek cellphone banking to do her banking transactions whenever and wherever she wants. She is with Elmarie Riekert, Branch Manager of Bank Windhoek in Henties Bay. With the development of the electronic banking channels, Bank Windhoek has concentrated on ease and convenience, as the bank realised that some people might not be comfortable with the new channels for banking services.
However, it has become clear, said the bank, that the older generation, who are seen by some as being afraid of new technology, are catching on and are starting to use these channels. Ms Martha Liebenberg of Henties Bay is one such client. Not only is she using cellphone banking, but she is also using internet banking. Ms Liebenberg said: “Once you overcome your fear of the new way of doing things, you actually realise that it is quite easy. I do not need to go to the bank now and can do my banking whenever and wherever I want. The best thing is that the combination of cellphone banking, internet banking and SeniorSave, gives me access to probably the cheapest banking fees that are around.”
Elmarie Riekert, the Henties branch manager said that she enjoys helping her clients to become familiar with cellphone and internet banking. “By assisting my elderly clients to use these channels, I know I am also helping them to save money on their banking services” she said adding “I find that more pensioners are starting to enjoy the new technology and the convenience that it brings”.

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