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Detailed Corona policy implemented to enable Trustco to continue serving its clients

Detailed Corona policy implemented to enable Trustco to continue serving its clients

Trustco Group announced this week it has implemented various measures to mitigate the impact of the Corona virus to keep staff and customers at its local, continental and international operations as protected as possible from the pandemic that is shaking the world.

Group Head of Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Neville Basson, said they have been following the Corona development to draft and implemented a Corona virus policy which entails, amongst others, certain operational changes. This was done a few weeks ago even before any cases of infection were recorded in Namibia.

This included basic preventative measures, awareness campaigns, reporting and information sharing as well as self-quarantine guidelines for employees. The policy also included a blanket international business travel ban as well as seasonal flu vaccines for all staff.

Basson said the group has also relaxed its sick leave policy to ensure that compliance with the policy does not expose clients or other employees to any potential infection.

Since last week, the group has also introduced fever scanners and hand sanitizers at all their offices. This was done to ensure business continuity.

“With the President’s announcement on Saturday, 14 March, the group instituted further additional measures – allowing employees who care for children and the elderly as well as employees already set up to work remotely, to remain at home with full pay.”

Basson added that these employees remain on call to ensure essential services for all clients and to ensure other services in the group are not disrupted. Staff amenities were also adjusted to ensure that the practise of social distancing can be applied in the workplace. Following the announcement of a State of Emergency on Tuesday this week, the group implemented it business continuity processes.

“Employees who are also not crucial to client services or intra-group essentials were requested and required to work from home, with the remaining staff on rotation where possible to limit the potential spread of any contagion. This process is managed via a special Corona Leave entitlement, to avoid exhausting the annual or sick leave entitlement of an employee when it may be needed more at a later stage,” stated Basson.

“Trustco will continue to operate as normal, leveraging all the technologies at [its] disposal as well as the expertise of our staff to ensure [that] our levels of engagement and support never wavers. Our commitment to our clients during this pandemic remains as strong as ever,” Basson assured.


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