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Voluntary circumcision campaign kicks off

Epafras Anyolo, Male Circumcision national coordinator from the Minisrty of Health and Social Services, demonstrating how male circumcision is done. (photograph by Ndamanguluka Nakashole)The City of Windhoek, together with the Ministry of Health and Social Services launched the National Male Voluntary Circumcision campaign in Windhoek this weeek. The event, which was attended mostly by the City of Windhoek employees and members of the media, took place at the City of Windhoek municipal building .Speaking on behalf of the City,  Mr Joshua Amukugo said all men who are not circumcised must consider taking part. “ The city of Windhoek has decided to join forces with the government in a fight against HIV/AIDS,” said Amukugo, adding the teaser that “circumcision reduces the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS.” The main speaker at the event, Epafras Anyolo, the Male Circumcision (MC) national cordinator had an information session with those that attended. He said their team is focused on making Namibia a circumcised country. He gave an overview of circumsion and its benefits. “Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin, the fold of the skin that covers the head of the penis,” said Anyolo.  “Not only is this hygienic, but it also prevent many sexually transmitted diseases.”According to Anyolo, circumcision is a fast process that is done by well-trained medical professionals. “It takes not more than twenty minutes, and once circumcised, [patients] only need sick leave of up to 5 days, before they would start to do their daily activities.” Citing the most difficult part for the average male, he advised that  after circumcision, the patient must abstain from sexual activity for six weeks to allow the skin to heal and retract to its original shape. Anyolo physically demonstrated the way male circumcision is done by using an artificial penis. He also said that male circumcision is done only after the person has been tested for HIV infection. This he said before referering to the team from the New Start testing centre, who had their mobile tents set up, ready to test those who wanted to be circumcised and anybody else who wanted to know their HIV status.

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