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The smartphone industry is embracing a brand-new high pixel era in 2020s

The smartphone industry is embracing a brand-new high pixel era in 2020s

Stepping into 2020, an article published on the Associated Press forecasts 5G, more screen forms, more megapixels, foldables, etc. are the technology innovations that most smartphone manufacturers are expected to prioritize in high-tech investment and continually enhance it in order to obtain the leading market position in terms of the creativity of products.

According to the article, more megapixels is going to be the key trend in 2020s, as standard of a camera nowadays has been of one of the most important elements and features judging a smartphone.

Development of networks and technology has caused very positive impacts on smartphone application software with social APPs springing out in the past few years. Human lifestyle changed accordingly: besides communication, people also share pictures and videos of life moments onto these platforms. Spending time on social APPs becomes a ‘basic activity’ for people currently.

This phenomenon requires a smartphone with high standard camera, resulting in users expecting more from their mobile photography. Companies try their best to figure out ways to improve the pixel performance in order to meet people’s growing needs. Some devotes time and effort to the front camera; some works on multi-lens.

Mobile photography is one of the most important standards when judging a smartphone. Within 20 years, the pixel has improved 640 times, which is a milestone for mobile photography. Can you imagine that, in 1999, camera of phones was just 100 thousand pixels, with a single camera? Now smartphones can possess 64-megapixel, multiple cameras, thanks to the rapid development of technology.

As Sony IMX586 and Samsung GM1 CMOS sensor have come to the market, most of the smartphones in 2019 carry a camera of 48 megapixels. This year, 2020, more 48-megapixel and 64-megapixel cameras will now officially come into people’s hands. In 2020s, the smartphone industry will undoubtedly embrace a brand-new era of ultra-high pixel.

Once the new generation of this super high definition smartphones put into batch production in 2020, it will trigger the battle of camera pixel amongest the smartphone industry. It could be an indication that companies will competing to bring up new phones with even more powerful cameras, and possibly, even the ‘Billion megapixel’ may soon be brought into reality very soon. (TECNO Mobile)


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