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SA foot and mouth disease conditions impact local live cattle exports in Q4

SA foot and mouth disease conditions impact local live cattle exports in Q4

A recent report by the Meat Board of Namibia indicates that the foot and mouth disease conditions in South Africa, continued to exert a negative influence on local live cattle exports during the fourth quarter of 2019.

Furthermore, drought-induced marketing supported by competitive prices offered by export facilities has supported an overall positive performance in the cattle sector.

“The year ahead, however, is expected to pose serious challenges in terms of availability of slaughter cattle,” the Meat Board reported.

On the other hand, the sheep sector experienced a decline due to severe reductions in export abattoir and B&C class abattoir activity.

The Meat Board noted that although the drought presents a shock in the market, the suspension of the small stock scheme offers the industry an opportunity to evaluate the effect of market forces outside quantitative restrictions and to devise a strategy for not only reinforcement of the Growth at Home policy but also the reversal of the negative production trend in the sheep sector.

Meanwhile, the Meat Board further reflected that the pork market share promotion scheme has ensured a healthy ratio between local pork production and imports.

“However, the consolidation of gains will require deliberate investments in sustainable and competitive production facilities as well as an extension of the protection measure. For 2020, livestock prices are expected to improve due to a shortage of marketable animals,” the Meat Board said.


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