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Local reusable sanitary pads venture gets boost from Federal Foreign Office

Local reusable sanitary pads venture gets boost from Federal Foreign Office

Local young ambitious woman, Elsebe Engelbrecht, who founded a company that produces reusable sanitary pad, by using ecologically produced and chemical free materials, recently received a donation of N$57,272, from the Support Group One World in the Foreign Office.

Engelbrecht said the need for affordable sanitary pads is enormous and many girls and women do not have the financial means to buy commercially available sanitary pads on a regular basis.

“This is one reason why a large number of girls and young women are unable to attend school for several days every month and they often are not able to catch up with the missed learning workload, which means they eventually drop out of school without graduation,” she said.

The German Embassy said the funding enables not only economically disadvantage women to obtain a hygienic and affordable alternative to common sanitary pads.

“Environmentally conscious women are another target group, with the appropriate care, these sanitary pads can be used for up to two years, which eliminates the monthly financial burden of buying disposable products and also produce less waste,” added the Embassy.

The Support Group One World in the Foreign Office was founded in 1978/79 as an initiative by young members of the Federal Foreign Office with an interest in development policy and the wish to engage themselves personally. They focus on healthcare, schools and vocational training facilities, business start-ups, agriculture and infrastructure.


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