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Businesses tackle transport and logistics matters

The Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (NCCI) Committee Responsible for Transport and Logistics held its first meeting last month, highlighting the importance of the transport sector in the National Development Plan to accelerate economic growth and in particular to address the issue of unemployment.
As part of its task, the committee has agreed to assess the capacity of all modes of transport and conditions of the infrastructure in this sector, in order to advocate for the necessary interventions to develop or build capacity for the sector to grow.
“In light of all developments aimed at regional integration, it is crucial for the country to integrate air transport with the Walvis Bay sea port, thus creating a strong need for a marketing strategy to promote the use of air transport in addition to sea and ground modes. The Walvis Bay route has a lot of potential and thus the importance to expand the Walvis Bay Airport,” the committee said in a statement.
The committee which comprises representatives from transports and logistics
activities also looked at the Transport Master plan for which a study would be commissioned early next year with funding secured from the EU Infrastructure Fund.
This follows approval by Cabinet of a submission made by the Walvisbay Corridor
Group (WBCG).
In addition, the meeting also touched on the proposal submitted by the National Planning
Commission to the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) for a study to develop Walvis Bay as a distribution hub in the region, which will feed into the Logistics and Distribution Master plan.

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