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Cancer Association to host Cancer in Africa Connect sessions

Cancer Association to host Cancer in Africa Connect sessions

The Cancer Association (CAN) of Namibia will host the Afri-CAN: Cancer in Africa Connect, from 16 to 20 March.

Announcing the event this week Rolf Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of CAN said the event will be a connecting session that will welcome scientific minds, the 2020 African Cancer Registry Network (AFCRN) congress and a meeting of African cancer registrars.

Hansen said they are proud to host this networking session of great minds in healthcare with their international counterparts. “Acting as a ‘buffer agent’ to bring networks together, CAN remains steadfast in our aim to fight cancer and its consequences to the benefit of Namibians afflicted by this disease,” they added.

He highlighted that even though they may not have the funds to ‘plug all the holes’, they will always endeavour to bring knowledge and partners to Namibia to make it a better country.

“The aim of the session is to build capacity on cancer care in Africa and especially building bridges of smart-partnership, we hope that this initiative will contribute positively to Namibia’s national healthcare system. I CAN, WE CAN, NAMIBIANS CAN FIGHT CANCER,” emphasised Hansen.

He said they look forward to welcoming not only Namibian political dignitaries and medical delegates, but also fellow African and European counterparts, from no less than 47 other countries, health advocates and patients to dialogue around a common table of understanding that they hope may inspire positive change in the management of cancer in the healthcare continuum of Africa.

“As an organisation, we are immensely proud of this opportunity to welcome to and host global health leaders in Namibia and we hope that from our small corner of the world, we can inspire hope activate change and help to positively impact the lives that we fight for daily,” he added.

CAN is partnering with Martin-Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg in Germany and the AFCRN to host this event and is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation in Germany.

The session with a scientific workshop is themed, ‘Treatment and Survival from Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa: Guideline Adherence’.


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