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Botswana, Namibia to continue cooperation on defense, security: officials

Botswana, Namibia to continue cooperation on defense, security: officials

Gaborone -Botswana and Namibia will continue to cooperate and collaborate in critical areas of defense and security, the permanent secretary of Botswana’s Ministry of Defense, Justice and Security, said this week.

Matshidiso Bokole made the remark at the 28th session of the Botswana/Namibia Joint Permanent Commission on Defense and Security.

Noting there is concrete evidence that criminals have resorted to cyberspace to advance their illegal motives, she said the two countries must be alive to the ways through which criminals exploit technology.

“It is therefore incumbent upon us to do all we can to mitigate their efforts, reverse their gains and remain steps ahead. We can only be successful if we continue working together,” she said, encouraging the commission to devise new strategies and review resolutions to ensure robustness and resilience in response to preventing and combating transnational organized crimes.

For his part, Peter Vilho, executive director of Namibia’s Ministry of Defense, said the people and governments of Botswana and Namibia have both met economic and legal challenges since the last session was held in Namibia’s capital of Windhoek in October 2018.

Despite some financial challenges, a considerable number of resolutions adopted at the previous session were implemented, he added.

“The economic downturn and drought, notwithstanding, we managed to improvise and prioritise where we could. I am impressed by the progress made on the border affirmation and demarcation process. I am equally heartened by the continuous efforts of the public security officers in ensuring the safety and security of our peoples,” Vilho said.

He urged the commission to have foresight and demonstrate commitment to ensure that peace, security and stability continue to prevail in both countries.


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