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Pavement rent

The City of Windhoek says the uncontrolled usage of sidewalks for storage of building materials and for the use of concrete mixers spilling concrete on tarred roads and blocking stormwater systems, is a major concern.
The City Council resolved last week in its monthly council meeting that the City implement a sidewalk rent tariff system to improve the tidiness of the Windhoek’s sideswalks.
The councillors recommended that a Sidewalk Rent Permit which is valid for three months be issued to anyone who wishes to use it for other than its intended purpose and that the tariff be implemented with the annual tariff implementation.
The councillors also recommended that the permit is only valid provided a minimum of three months were paid and that the calculated tariff is not less than N$30 per month or as escalated annually.
The sidewalk tariff does not apply in areas where the sidewalk is only two metres wide or less as in such instances, all building and storing activities are prohibited on the sidewalk.
The councillors further recommended that the Strategic Executives of Urban Planning and Property Management as part of the building plan approval process, calculate the monthly sidewalk rent tariff applicable and indicate this amount on the building file.

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