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Botswana Environment Fund undertakes 3-day benchmark visit – delegation to learn from Namibia

Botswana Environment Fund undertakes 3-day benchmark visit – delegation to learn from Namibia

The National Environment Fund of Botswana (NEF) is undertaking a benchmark study of the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia in order to attain suitable benchmarks for its National Environment Fund (NEF).

The purpose of visiting Namibia is to meet with the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) and to learn from the institutional set-up in place that enables it to deliver on its objectives as the National Environment Fund of Botswana (NEF).

The planned sessions will provide a platform for the two institutions to network and engage on the opportunities and challenges pertaining to their respective institutional set-ups with a view towards documenting best practices and lessons-learnt.

The NEF delegation paid a courtesy visit at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the National Designated Authority to the Green Climate Fund. They meet with the Hon. Pohamba Shifeta as the Minister of MET and engaged on the role and relationship with EIF, National Climate Change Actions.

The Minister emphasized the importance of protecting the environment and also highlighted the two countries has signed multiple bilateral agreements and he is hopeful that the two countries will sign agreements that are gearing towards ensuring environment sustainable and how to ensure that our people use their resources productively.

Shifeta also emphasized on the on the need for NEF and EIF to form partnership so that the shared resources that we share between our country can be mutually beneficial to the two countries inhabitants.

Meanwhile, the head of delegation for the NEF stated that they are here to learn from Namibia because EIF is better resourced and better managed and its one of the best example that we can learn from and that we as Africans we don’t always have to go to Europe to go and benchmark but we can also do so on the continent.

The Chief Executive, Mr. Benedict Libanda highlighted that this visit is about the south to south cooperation and seeing how we can capacitate each other.

The benchmark visit started Monday and will run till the 12 February.


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