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PowerCom commences with Walvis Bay Extension 7 tower construction

PowerCom commences with Walvis Bay Extension 7 tower construction

PowerCom Pty Ltd has commenced tower construction in Walvis Bay Extension 17, expected to be finished by 20 March and fully operational by 1 April, with connected clients able to utilize its services.

The recently concluded groundbreaking ceremony introduced the Company’s infrastructure CAPEX investment rollout for 2019/2020, which seeks to increase the company’s footprint and asset base to best service ICT players and offer last mile connectivity.

The Walvis Bay Ext 17 construction project is the first of 19 tower developments due to take place in the coming months. The investment into Walvis Bay forms part of PowerCom’s infrastructure footprint expansion strategy of investing N$24 million into building 19 towers by September 2020.

According to PowerCom, a total of N$5.6 million will be invested in Walvis Bay alone, through the construction and refurbishment of four other towers in the town, namely, Walvis Bay Harbour, Walvis Bay Golf Course, Narraville and refurbishment of Walvis Bay tower Walkway.

PowerCom’s CEO, Alisa Amupolo mentioned the strategic importance Walvis Bay has, stating that the company seeks to align itself with the town’s growth and respond to growth demands of its inhabitants

“Due to the National Oil Storage Hub, apartment blocks, service station and the future shopping mall, it is a location demanding the type of communications infrastructure investment PowerCom offers,” Amupolo said.

The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Stanley Simataa, acknowledged Walvis Bay’s strategic location as being a logistic hub and a growing haven of activity, where tourists visit and thousands of Namibians come to work and enjoy their leisure time.

“As the importance of this area continues to grow, it is crucial that connectivity keeps pace with it. PowerCom’s response to the growth within this region is of benefit to all residing and working here, and it is my firm belief that their investments will further stimulate other investment, both national and international. As Walvis Bay is also a tourist hub, it is important that we are able to offer travellers the connectivity they expect from a tower such as this strategically located at the Independence Beach,” Simataa said.

Caption: (left to right) PowerCom CEO, Alisa Amupolo; Telecom Board Chair, Fernando Somaeb; Veikko Nekundi, Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises; PowerCom Chair, Irene Simeon- Kurtz; NPTH Chair, Lena Kangandjela; Immanuel Wilfred, Mayor of Walvis Bay; Stanley Simataa, Minister of ICT; PowerCom Alternate Director, Armando Perny; PowerCom Director, Jerry Muadinohamba; NPTH Acting CEO, Kristophine Itembu; Wiseman Molatzi of Since Investments and Landlord of the area.


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