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Career prospects head for the clouds as Katuka Mentorship Programme 2020 kicks off

Career prospects head for the clouds as Katuka Mentorship Programme 2020 kicks off

The 19th edition of the Katuka Mentorship Programme, designed to connect novice career women and female entrepreneurs (mentees) with established business or professional women (mentors), launched its 2020 programme last week.

Sponsored by Bank Windhoek, the 2020 programme started with a three-day orientation programme conducted by HR Specialist, Sabine Ruegg for mentors and mentees that took place from 5 to 7 February in Windhoek.

The second and third training sessions are scheduled to take place later this year during April and August.

According to Economist Businesswoman Projects Organiser, Desèré Lundon-Muller, the programme is about matching a mentee with a mentor with a similar personal and professional interest in a process of support, sharing and learning to support entrepreneurs/businesswoman who want to start up or successfully run or achieve success in their existing field of business and reach their full potential.

This year, the programme is sponsored by Bank Windhoek to the tune of N$80,000. The bank’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Hayley Allen said they are a partner for growth for women entrepreneurs – both personally and professionally.

“We are proud to be a conduit to the relationship that mentors and mentees will be building over the coming year. As we journey together in this partnership, we hope that each one who is involved in this process reaches her full potential,” Allen said at a press briefing.

She further stated that there is a need for supporting female-led or -owned business ideas, which has prompted the bank to introduce the Women in Business offering in 2018.

“We are convinced that your contributions matter and that your business ideas have potential. For this reason, Bank Windhoek is proud to announce our support of the 2020 Katuka Mentorship Programme,” Allen said.

The Katuka Mentorship Programme was founded in July 2001 by former Corporate/Professional Businesswoman of the Year 2000 winner, Lena Markus and has seen 373 female entrepreneurs graduate from the programme.

The mentors for the 2020 Katuka Mentorship programme are Regina Ambambi, Naita Awene, Dunja Berger, Luzelle Coetzee, Rosalia Fototlela, Hendrina Hango-Ndakola, Gloria Kapingana, Ritta Khiba, Maryke Krohne, Rosalia Mulamata Simonee, Janet Njembo, Erika Preuss, Louise Profijt, Sabina Reugg, Louise Shixwameni, Lovisa Ukelo, Annemarie van der Riet, Helene Vosloo and Ndawedapo Shaanika.


The mentees are Etuna Akuunda, Josephine Angula, Selma Benjamin, Tamzyn Conradie, Mina Ruth Elias, Ottilie Endjala, Selma Hamuntenye, Rauna Hekandjo, Jessy Hidulika, Eunike Iiyambo, Joolokeni Joel, Bibiana Kadira, Mbeurora Karamata, Sharon Kavita, Tukondjeni Mutota, Letty Namwoonde, Ngajo Ndjoze, Twapandula Ngifindaka, Mandisa Rasmeni, and Christofina Shindume.

Caption: Celebrating the completion of the first round of training for the participants in the 2020 Katuka Mentorship Programme on Friday, 07 February, the mentors and mentees relaxed together after two and a half days of orientation.


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