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Craven Camp boosts cycling

Dan Craven, as usual, leading the pack.Two Namibian companies confirmed their sponsorship for this year’s Nedbank Craven Camp. Once again, Cymot and Omaruru Spar will be contributing to the success of the training weekend from 10 to 12 February and with that, ensure an even lower cost for all participants. Top Namibian professional cyclist and initiator of the cycling camp, Dan Craven, will introduce local young athletes to all aspects of the cycling world; including training methods, skills, tactics, nutrition, safety and the all-important life skills of a young adult.
Alongside Craven, the participants will furthermore benefit from the advice and training by Personal Trainers from Fx Fitness.
The sports experts will assist the athletes in the right stretching methods and will do an evaluation of each rider’s posture and body composition. Functional training sessions for core strength will also be conducted to minimize the risk of injuries and ensure a balanced overall fitness.
This strong support has enabled Craven to establish still another training camp for semi- and professional riders this year.
The Camp will take place this weekend, from 13 to 15 January. Following a similar program, the Elite Cycling Camp will include 7 of the best local cyclists, and will focus on perfecting skills, instead of developing them.
At first, the Nedbank Craven Camp was thought to coincide with the Omaruru Spar Cycle race. However, this event was postponed to the 26th February. This will provide more time for training rides and participants will then have the opportunity to apply the newly learned skills at the Nedbank Challenge and the Omaruru Spar Race the following two weekends.

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