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The all new Kia Soul, for the young at heart.

The all new Kia Soul, for the young at heart.

Tough, rugged, and ready to go anywhere are the words used to describe the new Kia Soul. Designed on a creative tangent with retro elements, much as it looks like a toy car, the KIA Soul brings a new personality, a sense of uniqueness and individuality to today’s repetitive driving experience.
Despite its compact proportions, its spacious and flexible interior is worthy of a car twice its size. The car brims over with so many standard features, it emulates a much bigger and expensive vehicle. Among the myriad of features are air conditioning, remote central locking, electric windows, as well as CD audio with MP3 compatibility and USB/Aux ports. The six air bags, four disc brakes and ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) make the Kia Soul one of the safest cars on the road.
Kia did not just focus on creating a ‘mommy passenger car’ but a car for people who do not want to go unnoticed. The striking A-pillars on the windows create a feel of wrap-around glass, with a sleek aerodynamic slant from the bonnet to the roof line. The black bezel headlamps and rear lights give the car a high-tech look yet enhancing visibility for the driver.
Not only is the Kia Soul one of the most affordable passenger cars on the market it is also green on the wallet and on the environment too. It delivers the exceptional fuel economy of a small family hatchback. This is no extravagant juice guzzler! Being fuel efficient does not compromise the car’s performance. Whether you’re driving at high speed on a motorway or cruising in the country, the Soul’s powerful 2 litre engine delivers potent acceleration and responsive handling under all conditions.
And if you’re looking for an eye-catching urban runabout, the Soul’s agility and compact dimensions make parking and manoeuvrability a breeze. Ample head space for passengers make it a comfortable car and the large boot space makes life easy for carrying those many shopping bags and suitcases for holiday get-aways.
Getting the Kia Soul is truly getting the best of both worlds, performance as well as affordability. And its styling makes this car an unashamed attention grabber.
The Kia Soul is available from Kia Motors. Share some soul everywhere you go or even become a soul shaker with the 2 litres ranging from N$137 000 to N$145 000.

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