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Young entrepreneur runs school business

Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn, a learner at Dr Lemmer High School in Rehoboth, is the Production Manager for a business run at the school, following his attendance and successful completion of an instruction course on entrepreneurship, conducted by Junior Achievement Namibia.
In early February 2013, Junior Achievement (JA) introduced the JA Company Programme to high schools in Rehoboth. MK Gertze Secondary School and Dr Lemmer High School selected 14 learners to participate in the entrepreneurial training so that they could start and run small businesses at their schools. Among these 14 learners was Andrew Dunn, a bright grade 11 learner from Dr Lemmer High School. Highly energetic, articulate, friendly, eager and possessing just the right amount of confidence, Andrew gobbled up the entrepreneurship lessons. He is now the Production Manager for Dr Lemmer’s business.
It was also through JA Namibia that Andrew and his Rehoboth compatriots were introduced to a scholarship opportunity provided by the United World Colleges (UWC). UWC scholarships are awarded to grade 11 and grade 12 learners to complete their education abroad. Highly selective, the UWC scholarships target well-balanced learners who are academically gifted but have a strong passion for helping their communities. Andrew was able to articulate the community value of the business he and his Dr Lemmer colleagues would start through JA Namibia, on top of his sterling academics. He was selected for one of the four UWC scholarships for 2013.
Since JA Namibia’s purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy, the board of directors and management of JA said they are very proud to have been instrumental in Andrew taking his first step towards becoming successful globally. “It is JA Namibia’s sincerest trust that Andrew will make his entrepreneurial training central to his private practice after he one day completes his medical studies somewhere in this expansive world. Congratulations Andrew, JA Namibia will be supporting you all the way. We believe in tracking the success of program beneficiaries.”

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