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Blood Transfusion Service appeals for ‘O’ blood type

Blood Transfusion Service appeals for ‘O’ blood type

The Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NamBTS) requires a minimum of 2000 blood donations before the end of January to bolster the blood supply.

NamBTS in a statement this week said explained that the drop in donations was because of the festive season as most donors took a well earned break, despite the fact that the need for blood never stopped.

Zita Tobin of NamBTS said currently there is a shortage of group O blood and the supply is very low, a healthy level should be 6 days and higher and they are on 2 days for group O which is totally inadequate.

“This has resulted in rationing of group O positive and O negative blood to hospitals and the stock levels of other blood groups A, B and AB are still sufficient hence we are making an urgent appeal to the public to donate blood especially blood group O donors,” added Tobin.

She said that the only way to give patients access to this precious life saving resources is through the selfless act of blood donations.

“Donors in Windhoek can donate at 35 Tal Street, United House Building, Independence Avenue, at the Coast at Swakopmund Centre and Walvis Bay Centre and at the North at the Oshakati Centre,” added Tobin.

To donate blood a person must be older than 16 years, weigh more than 50kg, be healthy and feel well on the day of donation, lead a sexually safe lifestyle and be committed to helping others.


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