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Official start of second term

The Minister of Education, Hon. David Namwandi has officially opened schools for the second semester of the 2013 academic year. In his speech, Namwandi took the opportunity to welcome all learners, teachers and principals to the second term of 2013 academic year. “The second term is critically important for all our secondary education schools, especially at grade 10 and 12 level,” he said. “It is during this term that schools will be required to consolidate all that learners have learnt, complete the syllabi, revise work and properly assess learners”.
Namwandi further reminded the grade 10 learners that this semester results will contribute to their Continuous Assesment (CA) marks at the end of the year. Grade 12 learners were also reminded that these CA marks will be used in their applications to institutions of higher learning. He also asked schools to engage in extra classes in the afternoons to ensure learners are well prepared for end-year examinations.
In the quest for better results in 2013, Namwandi said that the Ministry of Education will not take kindly any form of indiscipline, laziness, laxity, and any other unbecoming behaviour that will be detrimental to the success of learners at the end of the year.
“We urgue all our schools to work towards achieving their targets and deliver, deliver and deliver on what is expected,” said the minister. “Let us all work together to ensure that the results for 2013 improve drastically.”

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