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Criminals also love Christmas, stay alert!

City Police has warned Windhoek residents and members of the public to be more vigilant with home and personal safety during the festive season following spikes in burglaries, robberies and theft.
City Police Superintendent Gerry Shikesho also called upon visitors and the business community to take special precautions in order to avoid falling victim to crime.
To curb criminal activities, City Police has engaged members of the public on a sensitisation campaign which will assist Windhoek residents in detecting criminals.
It was noted that several robberies have taken place in recent weeks where mostly business people are targeted at banking time or after working hours.
Shikesho also appealed to the general business community to be vigilant of organised crimes by their employees and warned business owners not to keep large sum of cash at business premises, and further beware of credit and debit card fraudsters, shoplifting and arranged back door sales.
The City Zonal Policing Strategy is currently in operation and a patrolling team has been allocated to each identified zone. “Home owners are thus urged to ensure their properties are protected by informing neighbours as well as the City Police at the dispatch centre,” Shikesho added.
Meanwhile, Adam Eiseb, deputy chief of traffic management at City Police, said they will also increase roadblocks in Windhoek as part of measure to elevate road safety in the capital.
“It is customary to expect an exodus from the city, we remain bound to ensure that the residents are well prepared in all aspects in order to reach their destinations safely,” Eiseb said.
Ongoing enforcements has been enhanced in October 2011 to increase road safety awareness of drivers. “Our objective is to stabilise or improve on the crash statistics to the corresponding period,” he added.
Recent figures show that a total of 655 crashes were reported which resulted in 134 injuries and six fatalities. In addition, 34 road users fell victim to crashes while 72 crashes were alcohol related.
“Crash type of concern were topped by Head rear  at153 followed by Side swipe at 108 and head side at 86,” Eiseb said.
Driver are therefore cautioned to adhere to rules of the road and comply with the law.
Penetrative patrols to ensure high visibility will be conducted, as well as random breathing, mobile road blocks, speed operations, and clean ups throughout the City of Windhoek in addition to measures already in place will be fully implemented.
Pedestrians safety and behaviours of those who endanger themselves and other road users will also be observed.

Contact info: In case of emergencies, members of the public can contact the emergency control room at 061 21111 or City Police Control room at 061 302302 or Alert SMS line 4444.

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