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McDonald’s audits Meatco

McDonald’s audits Meatco

Meatco recently underwent the annual McDonald’s audit, mainly focusing on Animal Welfare and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, where the company received no non-conformities in either audit.

The client audit, which forms part of the Food Safety Service International, continues to give accreditation to Meatco’s product for the safety of human consumption. During the audit, Meatco passed in the levels of Animal Welfare, McDonald’s monthly self-audit and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points accreditations with an A.

The company however, received five minor findings with recommendations on the slaughter floor and de-boning sections. According to Meatco, this was an unannounced audit where no specific date was scheduled. Despite this, the company said they managed to have a satisfactory audit.

“We are currently in the process of doing corrective actions in order to remain on Finlar’s (McDonald’s supplier in South Africa) list of clients. This type of audits also opens up additional doors for Meatco. As a food processing company, we, therefore, always welcome audits in order to ensure that systems and standards are kept in place and improved,” Meatco said.


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