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Overwhelming support from ordinary folks for the work of the cancer association

Overwhelming support from ordinary folks for the work of the cancer association

The Cancer Association of Namibia said this week it would like to give thanks to the Namibian people for standing with them as 2019 draws to a close.

Rolf Hansen, the association’s Chief Executive said their Patient Financial Assistant Programme has directly supported and impacted the lives of cancer patients during the past five years to the amount of more than nine million dollars in addition to other support programmes like the interim home accommodation, emotional support and screening programmes.

“This financial support helps patients with transportation to get treatment, helps to pay co-payments, helps to buy nutritional supplements when the immune system can no longer function on its own,” he added.

He said in a country with only 2.5 million people, he knows that there can be much more impact, but given the great divide that inequalities of employment, income, literacy and even distance pose, they acknowledge that there remains much work to be done.

“When we say Thank You Namibia, we truly mean it, and when someone ask where does the money go, we have the answers in black and white. And when we ask for you to please stand with us and let us make a difference, it is because we know what we do and [we know] how to do it best with scarce resources,” he emphasised.

According to Hansen, accountability, transparency, consistency and efficiency are the cornerstone of any successful endeavour. “Together we CAN inspire hope, activate change and impact lives. Wishing you all a blessed festive season ahead,” he exclaimed.

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