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Katuka Mentorship 2019 concludes – 28 mentors and mentees successfully complete programme

Katuka Mentorship 2019 concludes – 28 mentors and mentees successfully complete programme

The Katuka Mentorship Programme, which is in its 19th year, held its certificate award ceremony to mark the end of the 2019 programme recently, where 28 mentors and mentees, successfully completed the programme.

Desere Lundon-Muller, Organiser of the Namibian Businesswomen Projects said the way in which the mentees put to good use the skills acquired during the course of programme, will determine whether or not the programme is a success to them personally.

“The Katuka mentorship Programme aims to empower and encourage entrepreneurs, business and professional women to achieve their gaols and it is about matching a mentee and mentor with similar professional,” she added.

She explained that this is done in a supportive, sharing and learning environment to help young and ambitious women entrepreneurs and businesswomen to reach their ultimate potential and live purpose driven lives.

According to Lundon-Muller the core objective of the programme is to create a platform for personal growth and advancement of leadership skills for participants to enhance their personal and institutional success.

“Mentees obtain an insider perspective on navigating their career paths, gain diverse perspective from well experienced mentors, they get exposure to greater knowledge of career success factor and access to a lasting professional network,” she emphasised, adding that the mentors play a catalytic role in creating an enabling environment for self-empowerment and skills acquisition, which is a nurturing role which required dedication and commitment.

She congratulated the mentees for their achievement and thanked the mentors for partnering with them to share and help the mentees along the journey.

Sabine Ruegg, the trainer of the Katuka Mentorship Programme said both the mentees and mentors grow from this experience.

“Stay in contact with us and we are only a phone call away when the going gets tough, to re-group,” she said.

Pumootu Kahuure, Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance Officer at Letshego Bank of Namibia who was a mentee said she learned that not every opportunity is meant to be taken.

“I have learned to define by drams and know what I want and not to be intimidated, I have learned core values, like, integrity and accountability,” she added.

She advised the new mentees for 2020 to work hard, be humble, ask questions and to have fun and enjoy the experience.

Nomvula Kondombolo-Kambinda, Head of Corporate Communication and Public Relations at Telecom Namibia said that when an empowered woman empowers another, things start to change drastically.

“Pay it forward mindset is instantly put in motion and this had been the modus operandi of the Katuka Mentorship Programme,” she added.
She advised the ladies that their time is now and that this is the time to work smarter and network live never before.

“The programme has yielded many successes, but I think the best is yet to come, continue to pay it forward and witness the evolution of women in business, stay hungry and stay foolish,” she concluded.


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