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Presidency calls media ‘witch hunt’

Presidency calls media ‘witch hunt’

The State Secretary Dr. Alfredo Hengari in a statement issued Thursday said the media is tarnishing the image of the country and the President HE. Hage Geingob, ahead of the Presidential and National Assembly elections slated for 27 November, by ‘spreading disinformation to influence voters.’

Hengari said that it is now apparent that during the current election season, Namibians are curiously bombarded with negative and largely distorted articles coinciding with a time when they must take a decision about the candidate and political party of their choice.

“The proliferation of articles seeking to tarnish the name of the President by foisting it by hook or crook in reports is not innocent. The ‘Fishrot scandal’ and the Kora Awards are, in a calculated manner, timed to influence the outcome of the elections, with more reports expected to be released ahead of 27 November 2019. The President has been asked to respond to questions on the Kora and ‘Fishrot Scandals’, to which responses have been meticulously and exhaustively provided on several occasions to domestic and foreign media. Disturbingly, some questions are deliberately submitted late, with the script already written and predetermined,” he said.

On the Kora Awards, a matter which is sub-judice, Hengari noted further comment by the Geingob can be viewed as undue influence on the pending Court proceedings. Hengari further stated that the peace and stability Namibians enjoy should be cherished as a precondition for their prosperity, adding that attempts through disinformation campaigns by media houses to tarnish the image of the country and the President are counterproductive.

“Corruption in Namibia is not systemic, nor is it endemic. However, the commitment of President Geingob to fight the scourge of corruption is total. The President will spare no effort to root it out of Namibia,” Hengari said.


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