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Young leaders look back on a fulfilling year at the Afrox Leadership Academy

Young leaders look back on a fulfilling year at the Afrox Leadership Academy

Earlier this month, the Afrox Leadership Academy celebrated its achievements when 25 young Namibians closed the curtain on their leadership development for this year. Former Head of State, Dr Hifikipunye Pohamba attended the celebrations, bringing the learners a special message of encouragement.

The Afrox Leadership Academy, now in its second year, is the brainchild of Afrox Namibia’s management. Chief Executive Eckhardt Vorster said they have been looking for a strategy to impart leadership skills outside the conventional Social Responsibility route.

Thanking all the individuals involved in the evolution and growth of the academy, Vorster said “the demand and the need for this programme has exceeded our initial expectation.”

The pilot programme in 2018 targeted only three schools. This year the number of participating schools has increased to five with 25 learners enrolled as potential future leaders.

Former President Pohamba lauded Afrox Namibia for taking the initiative to help equip the young people with leadership skills. “This is indeed a good step in the right direction and should be commended. The identification and empowerment of students as potential young leaders will undoubtedly ensure that Namibia positions herself to have a competitive edge in the future,” he said.

He acknowledged the investment Afrox Namibia is making to the broader development and sustainable economic growth of the nation, urging other companies to do the same. To date, Afrox has invested almost N$2 million in the Leadership Academy.

“I want to thank Afrox Namibia for contributing to human resource development in our country, which is a critical ingredient for sustainable development. In this context, I urge other corporate citizens to emulate this wonderful initiative and find ways to contribute to capacity building in various areas that will take our country to greater heights,” said Pohamba.

FNB Namibia’s Chief Executive, Erwin Tjipuka challenged the future leaders, saying “Never allow your circumstances and background to hold you back, be clear about what you want to achieve and stay focused. I was persistent. I learned never to give up in the pursuit of my goals and aspirations. I worked hard and remained disciplined. Motivation gets you started but it is discipline that gets you there.”

Regarding the academy’s approach to personal development, Vorster said “We realized that training alone would not bring about the desired impact from our investment, and thus a component of monthly mentorship sessions for each of the Academy participants with leading professionals from various sectors of our society was brought into the programme this year. We are not only transforming the hearts and minds of the students involved but we are impacting lives across the length and breadth of the country.”

Caption: Former President of Namibia, Dr Hifikipunye Pohamba (seated centre right), the Chief Executive of Afrox Namibia, Eckhardt Vorster (seated centre left) and the young people of the Afrox Leadership Academy, earlier this month celebrated their accomplishments for the year.


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