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Namibia-China’s cooperation in the health sector hailed by visiting Chinese official

Namibia-China’s cooperation in the health sector hailed by visiting Chinese official

China’s Vice Premier, Sun Chunlan last week commended the successful cooperation between Chinese and local medical workers during her visit to Windhoek Central in Windhoek.

During a tour of the Windhoek Central Hospital facilities, Sun observed how the patients under China’s bright journey programme have received tangible benefits from the health cooperation between the two nations.

Accompanied by the deputy Health Minister, Juliet Kavetuna, Sun observed a recently implemented China-Africa health cooperation program which came in the form of telemedicine.

The two officials watched a remote ophthalmology demonstration and communicated with the medical staff in Beijing.

Sun congratulated the Windhoek Central Hospital and Peking Union Medical College Hospital for successfully using the internet and AI technology to carry out teleconsultation cooperation.

In a move to further deepen cooperation and exchanges in the health field, the Chinese government also donated brightness journey program equipment and two ambulances to Namibia’s health ministry.

“This is not only the support for the development of health in Namibia but also the cooperation between China and Namibia,” she said while handing over the donation.

China will continue to support the development of Namibia’s medical and health undertakings and is willing to work together to promote the health and well-being of the two peoples, Sun said.

Upon receiving the equipment on behalf of the government, Kavetuna praised the generous donation from the Chinese government and expressed appreciation to the fact that the Chinese vice premier delivered the donation officially by herself.


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