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Deutsche Höhere Privatschule bids farewell to Abitur graduates

Deutsche Höhere Privatschule bids farewell to Abitur graduates

Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) bade farewell to 44 Abitur graduates who are set to embark on new chapter as they finished off their secondary levelschool career

The Deutsches Internationales Abiture (DIA-German International Abitur), is a bilingual and globally reconsigned graduation certificate.

Kristin Eichholz, Principal at DHPS advised the Class of 2019, to keep their team spirit that they showed during the Abitur, in crises and in times of joy and to become part of success stories, projects and ideas.

“Preserve and appreciate your individuality, the uniqueness that each of you brings with you, have the courage to realise your drams and place your passions in the centre of your lives,” she added.

According to DHPS the young adults achieved an overall average of 2.27, with 18 reaching a 1 before the decimal point and two finishing with a 1.0.

The pupils received awards for outstanding achievements in foreign languages, natural and social sciences, sport as well as in the arts, which is testimony to the diversity they possess.

“These young people will certainly achieve great things, at least the future plans of the DHPS alumni sound very promising and we wish you all the best for your studies and education,” they concluded.


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