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2019/20 agricultural season likely to be better as experts forecast better rainfall in SADC

2019/20 agricultural season likely to be better as experts forecast better rainfall in SADC

The latest outlook produced by regional climate experts, forecast that there will be ‘normal-to-above-normal’ rainfall across most of the Southern African Development Community between October and December 2019.

The consensus forecast was produced by the 23rd Southern African Regional Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF) that met in Luanda, Angola on 28 to 30 August and shows that the regional rainfall pattern for the 2019/20 agricultural season is encouraging as parts of southern Africa are expected to receive adequate rainfall in the first half of the season.

According to the experts, areas likely to receive higher rainfall are southern Madagascar; Mauritius; central and southern Mozambique; Namibia; South Africa; Seychelles, northern Tanzania, most of Zambia; and Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, normal to above normal rainfall can be expected in the first quarter of 2020 in most of Angola; western half and north-western tip of Botswana; Comoros; most of Democratic Republic of Congo; western Lesotho; northern Malawi; central and northernmost of Madagascar; Mauritius; northern Mozambique; northernmost and central to southern parts of Namibia; central South Africa; most of Tanzania; Seychelles; and northern and western parts of Zambia.

While developing this outlook, the climate scientists took into account oceanic and atmospheric factors that influence climate over southern Africa, including the El Niño-Southern Oscillation which at the moment is in its neutral phase.

Furthermore, in order to prepare for future hazards, the 39th SADC Summit called on Member States to implement comprehensive multi-year response plans to tackle the recurrent droughts and food insecurity challenges.


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