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Namib Mills rejoins Team Namibia to foster the uptake of locally produced goods and services

Namib Mills rejoins Team Namibia to foster the uptake of locally produced goods and services

The Commercial Manager of the Namib Mills Group Pieter van Niekerk recently highlighted the importance of creating sufficient local demand for locally produced goods and services as the Group and its subsidiaries; Namib Mills, Namib Poultry Industries and Feedmaster rejoined the promoter of local products and services, Team Namibia.

Van Niekerk said supporting local will help to create profitable businesses, create employment and contribute to the overall upliftment of Namibian people, adding that it makes sense- economically, morally and socially- to support local businesses by creating the right regulatory environment.

“We believe that Team Namibia’s mandate is all about supporting local businesses, irrespective of which sector. As a group we believe that through effectively collaboration, together one can make a difference in supporting local businesses. Team Namibia needs all the support it can get to further spread the message in the current economic environment. We need to replace imports in every sector of our economy and grow exports,” van Niekerk added.

Furthermore, Bärbel Kirchner, Account Director of Team Namibia said Team Namibia is delighted that the Namib Mills Group has rejoined the organisation, noting that the fact that three of Namibia’s largest producers became part of Team Namibia, they strengthened in their drive to support local businesses to reach market access.

“Through the collaborative efforts of businesses of this nature, we truly can make a difference in creating awareness that local businesses need to be supported and in expanding the exposure of the Team Namibia brand, in the interest of all sectors in our economy,” said Kirchner.


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