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Financial and numerary literacy offered to learners at St Barnabas Primary

Financial and numerary literacy offered to learners at St Barnabas Primary

Financial education at primary school level is now offered by the FNB Edulution Centre at St Barnabas Primary, inaugurated earlier this week. The centre is supported by the FirstRand Namibia Foundation.

The foundation’s chairperson, Ms Clara Bohitile, entreated the St Barnabas learners to take responsibility for their studies and for themselves, reminding them that they are the only person who can make a difference in their education or their communities by taking their studies seriously.

“Make time to attend the extramural activities offered at the FNB Edulution Centre. Ask the right questions. Complete every task given to you and use this opportunity to learn and embrace technology to change the way you learn,” she said.

The centre reaches out through a mixture of technology, analytics and local resources, to improve numeracy, literacy, ITC skills and quality learning. It received more than N$200,000 from the foundation.

“We have supported programmes that focus on educational and financial literacy amongst many other focus areas to bring hope to parents and learners and ensure they get introduced to the vast opportunities that the modern economies provide.”

Caption: Front row from the left, learners Uatjaera Mauha, Uakakutura Kaarando, Augusta Tjerivanga and Glodine Pieters with Lena Katamelo, a parent and Magda Awases, a trustee of the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust. Middle row from the left, parents Connie Kazenaimue, Fabiola Kanaeke and Amalia Kangombe. In the back from the left are Ms Clara Bohitile, the foundation’s chairperson with more parents, Kariewe Antoniella, Uakakotora Tjiueza, Turip Mbavanga and Alex Williams. In the back row on the right is St Barnabas Primary’s principal, Mr Nahason Mbangura.


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