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Violence against women, a social disease

The National Art Gallery in partnership with Victims 2 Survivors, UNAIDS and UNDP will host a national exhibition titled “Unite to end Gender-based Violence (GBV)” from 28 June to 02 August at the gallery’s premises in Windhoek.
The exhibition seeks to raise public awareness on the severity of gender violence and ignite action to prevent and end all forms of gender violence. In Namibia, violence is a serious issue with women being disproportionately affected. In fact, one out of three Namibian women experienced or will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime. More than 20% of all violent crime occurs within the context of domestic relationships, and nine out ten victims of domestic violence are women.
The objective of the exhibition is to create awareness of this widespread human rights abuse in Namibia, and to mobilize individuals and communities to join forces in addressing this ugly pandemic.
The idea for the exhibition came after a delegation of fifteen young people, artists, poets, and radio personalities climbed the Brandberg mountain from 18 to 21 April. Organized by the Namibian representative of the UN Women Creative Artist Advisory Council, this climb was part of a broader initiative to raise public awareness on gender violence and advocate for structural and behaviour change in Namibian society.
The National Art Gallery and its partners have invited artists, poets, students, musicians, designers, organizations, ministries, victims, and the general public to create and submit art pieces on gender-based violence through paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, craft, sculptures, documented experiences, poems, diaries, books and actual objects used to attack women. The intention is to collect a range of visual elements that vividly portrays the reality of violence through experience, symbols, ideas, solutions, evidence, and constructs.
This highly anticipated exhibition is to be launched on the evening of 27 June. For the duration of the exhibition, some special events are scheduled including art therapy workshops, film screenings, panel discussion, dance performances and yoga classes for healing. The submission date for the art works is 10 June.

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