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Is Namibian national security guaranteed?

The reported violation of the Namibian air space by 12 foreign light aircrafts is not only shocking but is a serious concern as to whether or not our National Security is guaranteed. If indeed what is reported is true, that 12 light aircrafts have landed in Namibia without permission, it is unimaginable for a Swapo Party led government to allow such a thing to happen.
The National Security of any given country must be given the first priority. Namibians should also know that this incidence of 12 light aircrafts with a possible unknown cargo can be a test to our national security by unscrupulous international elements. Therefore, reasons advanced by certain quarters that these people are mere tourists and or agency of Cancer Association do not make sense,  they are ridiculous and unacceptable.
This incidence, seen against previous incidences, categorically demonstrates that the SWAPO Party led government cannot be trusted with National Security considerations for our citizens. Indeed, such behavior is symptomic to liberal and wanton disregard for the protection of Namibia’s territorial integrity. Against this background therefore, RDP is calling upon the Head of State to exercise his authority over the line ministry concerned and take appropriate action against those responsible for this callous incidence. At this point in time, Namibians do not need to be reminded about the ugly episode of the Kasinga attack on the 4 May 1978.
Jeremiah Nambinga
RDP Secretary for information and publicity

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