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Make sure that all your details are up to date and correct – GIPF

Make sure that all your details are up to date and correct – GIPF

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) held their regional stakeholders consultative meeting this week in Keetmanshoop.

GIPF Chief Executive Officer, David Nuyoma at the event said even through they are committed to ensure consistent service delivery, they need their stakeholders to ensure that they are admitted to the Fund.

“This can be done by acquiring your benefit statements to prove that you are in fact, registered on the Fund, therefore verify and correct your personal details, and get an indication of the benefit you have when you retire, resign, die or become disabled,” he explained.

He said they are aware that many of their members need financial literacy, thus they embarked on a media campaign to create awareness and educate all their members on sound financial literacy principles.

The Governor of the Karas Region, Lucia Basson meanwhile kindly implored GIPF to consider opening another satellite office in the Region to cater to the thousands of their member that have to travel long distances.

“I would do an injustice to my people if I do not take this opportunity to appeal to the GIPF to invest in our town, even though they do not have a policy on corporate social responsibility, however, I hope that my plea here today will not fall in deaf ears,” she added.

Goms Menette, Chairman of GIPF Board of Trustees said they place great emphasis on delivering excellent services, therefore it is against this background that they decided to conduct the Regional Consultative Meeting.

“The aim of these engagements is to discuss important issues pertaining to our members and to disseminate vital information regarding the Fund’s benefits and operations,” she emphasised.

She highlighted that they are cognizant of the fact that they are not in all the regions and their regional offices cannot keep up with the demand by members to provide strategic information.

“Amidst our efforts to cater to all our member in the //Karas Region, we have heard the out cry to increase our footprint in this region and I would like to assure you that your out cry has indeed been heard and we are working on an amicable solution to resolve this problem,” she said.

The Mayor of Keetmanshoop, Gaudentia Krohne, said the hosting of this first ever GIPF consultative meeting in the //Karas Region is another milestone and yet another achievement for the region.

“As we continue to strive to encourage development, this type of platforms will allow our distinguished guests the opportunity to create meaningful dialogue with GIPF and express their challenges, needs and expectations,” she added.

Statistics show that as from April 2019 government had 103,275 members contributing to the Fund and that 3823 of these members are not admitted to their system, of which 2845 belong to the Ministry of Education.


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