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Watch your back and your money

Standard Bank Namibia has sent a cautionary note on increased fraud activity during the month of May as it is riddled with several holidays. The bank advised the public in a recent press statement that bank fraud tends to be on the increase during holidays and personal vigilance will therefore be imperative.
“Standard Bank Namibia would like to encourage clients to be extra attentive when going on holiday. Holidaymakers are very relaxed and usually not as alert as when in their normal routine. This relaxed mood provides fraudsters with the opportunity to catch their victims off-guard,” says Surihe Gaomas, Public Relations and Corporate Communications Manager at Standard Bank Namibia.
The bank prepared several advisory notes for its clients but which also apply to the banking community at large. The bank advised that individuals should refrain from carrying huge amounts of cash, but rather make use of electronic payments such as a debit card, mobile banking or internet banking. The bank also urged the public to avoid late night withdrawals at ATM’s or to accept assistance from anyone at an ATM as this has led to all forms of crime. “Never share your PIN-number with anyone – not even with close family members or friends,” Gaomas stated.
Other practical suggestions are not often not considered by banking clients. The bank stated that clients should avoid using Internet Banking at public internet cafés. They suggested that clients should rather register for mobile banking, which will enable customers to transact and check account balances. “Never lose sight of your debit or credit card when using a point-of-sales device at a shop or restaurant. When eating at a restaurant always accompany the waiter or waitress to the point-of-sales device. This may prevent your card from being cloned,” stated Gaomas.
In summary, Standard bank stated: do not share your personal baking details; do not access your Internet Banking account via e-mail links; and immediately report any suspicious activity to Standard Bank Namibia.

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