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Telecom aims to be the best

 Telecom recognised and celebrated the outstanding achievements of its staff for the financial year ended 30 September 2011 at a special function which took place at the Safari Court & Conference Centre last week, Friday. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)The Information communication technology (ICT) sector must be one of the leading industries in the country’s economic development by 2030, in terms of the guidelines of Vision 2030, according to Roger Gertze, board member and chairman of the Audit Committee of Telecom.
Gertze said this is a huge challenge for the industry, which can only be realised through able leadership and the unflagging dedication of the industry role players, including the workforce in the sector.
“Without motivated and committed individuals who adhere to good work ethics at all times, it would be impossible to translate the aforesaid national goal into reality,” he said at Telecom’s year end function and 2011 Performance Awards last week Friday.
Gertze further said it will be difficult for the company to realise its vision and address the many challenges of a changing and competitive environment, if Telecom employees lack passion and dedication.
“It will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice to make our Telecom vision a reality in the next two years. Of course there are many of our employees who are pushing real hard in their efforts to make our  vision come true and for our company to emerge as the undisputed leader in the ICT sector of Namibia,” he said.
Telecom recognised and celebrated the outstanding achievements of 48 of its staff for the financial year ended 30 September 2011.
“The objectives of awarding employees are to recognise and reward outstanding performance, encourage excellent performance, retain competent staff and install a culture of achievements and excellence. At the same time the awards serves as a motivation for staff members who under perform or are not motivated enough or have a low morale to strive in achieving a future reward,” said Gertze.
Also speaking at the awards, Telecom’s MD Frans Ndoroma, said the awards are given to those who  exemplify the very best that the company has to offer its clients and to Namibia as a whole.
“Their dedication to achieving excellence is what will propel us towards attaining our vision. But to achieve our vision, we need to change as an organisation and adapt to the changing market place. Neither our past nor present way of doing things can sustain us for the future,” he said.
Ndoroma further said the company’s ability to change has always been its competitive advantage over the past 19 years. “How well we embrace changes, adapt and innovate will determine our success in seizing opportunities and in rising above the competition. Change brings out the best in us, the excellence that is the subject of these awards,” he said. “We honour those of us who have excelled in many areas, both on and off the workplace. Our Telecom Namibia Awards winners embody passion to serve our customers, excellence in what they do and fortitude to go the extra mile,” Ndoroma concluded.

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