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The violence and senseless killings of women, children is worrisome says Nujoma

The violence and senseless killings of women, children is worrisome says Nujoma

Founding father, Dr. Sam Nujoma is particularly concerned with the escalation of violence and senseless killings of women and children in the country.

Nujoma highlighted this last week at the 6th session of the Dr. Theo-Ben Gurirab Lecture which ran under the theme: “150 years: celebration of the vision of Mahatma Gandhi.”

“Just recently, three women were killed by men, while a young woman had to be transferred from Walvis Bay to Windhoek hospital after being shot by her partner, a police officer,” he said, adding that these are but a few of many similar cases reported in the country.

“I thus strongly condemn the brutal ongoing killings of women and children in Namibia,” he said.

According to Nujoma, under these circumstances, Gandhi’s vision and the gospel of non-violence summons people to be loving, tolerant, forgiving, selfless and compassionate.

“Let us, therefore, learn from Gandhi’s concept of nonviolence which is based on good will towards all human beings,” he added.

Nujoma said if people must learn something from Gandhi’s teachings today is that a solitary act of heroism could not bring freedom to India, but collective and constructive efforts of all citizens could bring the desired result.

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