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Large field pitched for Dunes Xtrail in Swakop confirming trail running’s popularity

Large field pitched for Dunes Xtrail in Swakop confirming trail running’s popularity

Stephanie Roland and Erich Goeieman are the two champions in the 16 km trail run that formed part of the Dunes Xtrail event which was held in Swakopmund over the weekend. In the 8 km distance, the two winners are Ndahambelela Shelikita and Albertinus Goeieman.

The Dunes Xtrail is the fourth and final event in the Standard Bank Xtrail Winter Series. Some 380 athletes entered the two races, the majority for the 8 km distance with a smaller but strong field running the longer distance. The event started in cold, foggy conditions with a slight drizzle but later turned into a sunshine day.

Yvonne Brinkmann of OTB Sport, the event organiser, said after the event “We get a lot of positive feedback. People enjoy trail running and the variety it has to offer. The events cater for both the serious and the social athlete and there is always a feeling of goodwill and camaraderie as people socialise with family and friends.”

Amongst the men, second in the 16 km run was Salomo David and third Thomas Miller. In the 8 km run Herman Kathima came second with Nesley Gawaseb third.

Running a tie, Elloise Ellis and Nadine Agnew both came second in the ladies 16 km run. Elloise won the veteran age category and Nadine the master age category.

In the 8 km run, Monika Lazarus came second with Jo-Andri Pretorius in third position.

The winners in the 11 and U age category were Sheridon Mouton and Nathan Chase. The winners of the 15 and U Category were Sascha Brinkmann and Nathan Snyders. Veteran winners were Petrian Ronel Willemse and Michael Nuuyoma. Ulla Burd and Frans Erasmus won the master categories.

The Standard Bank Winter Xtrail Series consist of 4 trail runs which commence in June each year and end in September with the Dunes Xtrail.

For the 2019 Series the winners in the longer 15/16km distances in the elite category were Thomas Miller and Stephanie Roland. The series veteran winners were Elloise Ellis and Salomo David. Master winners were Abraham Rooi and Nadine Agnew.

Winners in the 2019 Series, in the shorter 7/8km distance, were in the 11 and U categories, Celine Dennis and Nathan Chase. The 15 and U category winners were Sascha Brinkmann and Nathan Snyders. Elite winners were Jo-Andri Pretorius and Nesley Gawaseb. Veteran winners were Julie Mbaisa and Windor Markus. Master winners were Renate Wiemers and Frans Erasmus.

Caption: Erich Goeieman (left) is the champion in the 16 km run of the Dunes Xtrail that took place in Swakopmund over the weekend. Thomas Miller (right) took the bronze.


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