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N≠a Jaqna Conservancy invests in water infrastructure

N≠a Jaqna Conservancy invests in water infrastructure

The N≠a Jaqna Conservancy at a recently held annual general meeting, decided to invest over N$250,000 of their own funds rectifying long-term water problems that the authorities have failed to address for many years, at a re.

According to the Conservancy, the move was deemed urgent because children have for the last five years been forced to walk several kilometres to functioning water points to collect water on a daily basis.

The conservancy stated that this has added pressure on the few village water points still functioning, distracted and kept children from school and made daily living an ongoing challenge in the area.

In early 2019 and in the year ahead they will spend N$96,000 to provide supplementary food for the schools and up to N$95,000 helping conservancy members with funeral costs, the Conservancy said in a statement.

Sarah Zungu, Chairperson of the Conservancy said they need to provide as much support as possible to the community, who face constant daily struggles for even the very basic things in life.

“This is not fair and we call on the ministries and authorities to do their part in supporting the rights and their obligations as far as this community is concerned,” Zungu concluded.


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