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City warns of possible water shutdowns

The City of Windhoek is urging bulk users of water to schedule their own maintenance shutdowns to coincide with the shutdown on the supply line connecting the Von Bach Treatment plant to Windhoek.
According to the City of Windhoek, there will be 4 shutdowns of the City’s water supply due to maintenance in the main supply line, with the 1st taking place on 18 May and the last 17 August.
Between 60% and 80% of water supplied in Windhoek is conveyed along this line. According to City of Windhoek, normal water supply during these dates will not be possible and interruption can be expected.
Schools that make use of potable water for irrigation are also requested to ensure that no irrigation of grounds and sports fields takes place on these dates.
A trusted source assured The Economist, that the water will not be totally closed but the volume will be reduced due to this ongoing process.“The City of Windhoek wants to urge the public to reduce the amount of water they are going to use during these days. But they have assured us that the water will not be completely closed,” she said.
The City stated that Namwater is in the process of upgrading the capacity of the line supplying Windhoek with water. In order to connect the newly installed infrastructure, it will be necessary to cut into the existing line thus necessitating complete shutdowns, emptying of the line and subsequent refilling of the line.
“The city will endeavour to fill its reservoirs to the maximum level, but if clients as a results of this notice all try and hold water in storage for these periods, the current transfer capacity between Von Boch and Windhoek will not allow reservoir capacity to be filled. The City will furthermore attempt to have maximum production from the Goreangab Reclamation plant and the Windhoek Well field, to try to minimise water shortages. It is however a fact that all boreholes are situated in the southern and eastern side of the city, and water from south to north is not currently possible,” stated the official release.
The City announced that  the water supply situation can only be successfully managed with full co-operation of bulk water users. Hospitals and hotels may find it difficult to cope but should consider where possible, not to schedule operations and conferences on the specific dates to ensure that undue hardships are not experienced.
The City of Windhoek has apologised for the inconvenience that might be caused by these arrangements, but will endeavour to minimise the length of this process.

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